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At GNOTC - Horse Riding Stable - our horses are valued partners in a relationship. In order to participate and work with individuals that often have profound disabilities, GNOTRC is highly selective when accepting horses into a program. Many horses at the center are donated, volunteered or leased by horse owners in the community. When selecting a horse to participate in a program, we are looking for a horse, pony, donkey or mule that is ideal and suitable for Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy.

Important Note! While Minor Health Issues in an Equine May Be Acceptable, Please note GNOTRC Horses Must Be Sound Enough to Work Regularly

Centers will:

  • Evaluate a prospective horse's conformation
  • Evaluate health
  • Consider age
  • Examine gaits and manners of going
  • Observe attitude, reliability and adaptability

The breed of a horse is not a critical consideration. Different breeds offer different builds needed for a wide range of activities, including riding, driving, vaulting, interaction on the ground and others. From Miniature Horse to Shire (and in some programs donkeys), there may be a spot for your equine at a NARHA center!

By donating a horse you will not only assist individuals with disabilities, but you may also be eligible for a tax deduction. To explore opportunities on how your horse can make a difference, contact the GNOTRC today.

You can e-mail the Greater New Orleans Therapeutic Riding Center or contact us by phone or mail.

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